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miss clairey.
13 August 2030 @ 12:55 pm
adding || selectively adding || not adding

make sure we have a few things in common before trying. ♥

if you're after my icons/graphics, you need to skidaddle over to deals_adeal 
miss clairey.
07 August 2009 @ 04:26 pm
sooo the entire population of lj appears to have died? where the eff is everyone? i'm pretty sure i'm keeping myself busy enough to be classified as having a life, but the lack of activity saddens mee.

also, i've just realised, i stopped tagging my entries over a year ago and this proves entirely unhelpful now that i actually update every so oftenn. but the thought of going back and tagging every. single. one.. is painful! oh rats. maybe later. :P

i want to make iconsss. i also want new colourings. i have about 100 colourings saved in a folder for when i get desparate and none of them look appealing anymore and my own imagination appears to have gone to sleeep. which = crappity crapp. i want to make iconss of courteneyy aaand the office [because i miss it] and jennaa and lily allen [because of a random infatuation that appears to cropped up] and maybe also a couple of movies and NOTHING is working. :'( boo.

also, today i accidentally clicked (though clearly anyone with half a brain won't beleive me there - IT WAS AN ACCIDENT, I SWEAR) on an office spoilerr and though it's vague and possibly not even completely true .. oh deaaaaar. i know now exactly why i never, ever click on those and why the wait is going to be a lotlotlot worse til september. ohhh jesuss. i won't say which one it is for the clever people on my flist who know how to click on the right things when they're scrolling down.. but oh maan. my brain is on overdrive!

i'll just stare at the new cougar town poster to distract myself. OH HAI THERE PRETTYY. ♥♥♥

and there's your random laugh for the day. hahahahah.

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miss clairey.
09 April 2009 @ 03:48 pm
it's lissys birthday today! annd kelseys! happy birthday girls <3
so instead of sleeping last night i decided to sit at 3am and write a pointless piece of drabble that popped into my head, aided by the light of my phonee. i.e i wrote this half asleep, in the dark. always the key to a good fic! lmao.
anyway, lissy wanted me to post this somewhere and to be honest i'm far too intimidated by MTT to even consider posting it there so, this'll do for noww. i apologise for the cocked up fonts, i swear this computer has something against me.

my second office fic! wooo.

title: tiny little fragments.
pairing: jim/pam [the office]
summary: an short AU piece, set around and after casino night. *tear*
disclaimer: i own nothing. well, in reality i don't; my imagination is a different ball game altogether!



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